What is AKB48

What is AKB48?

AKB48 was founded in 2005 by Yasushi Akimoto, a renowned producer of top Japanese idol groups among other great feats. Following his original concept of "idols you can meet", AKB48 is the first pop group in Japan to have its own theather where performances are held on a daily basis. The idea was to give fans the ability to watch their favorite groups perform live on regular basis. AKB48 has since become global phenomenon breaking sales records in Japan with their hit singles and albums.


28 songs consecutively at No.1

All 28 of the most recent singles of AKB48 have reached no.1 on the Oricon weekly singles chart. Of those, 23 have sold more than one million copies.

Lyricist Yasushi Akimoto serves as the overall producer. An idol group that began its activities in December 2005. The concept is “Idols You Can Meet”. The unique point about the AKB48 Project is that the process of the idols growing can be shared with the fans. An exclusive "AKB48 Theater" is held for the girls in Akihabara, Tokyo, where there are daily performances with dance and song.

The members are selected through a nationwide audition and are currently divided into 5 teams (Team A, K, B, 4, 8) and understudies.

The AKB48 System

AKB48 Theater Fan Community Hand shake Meetings General Elections Rock-paper-scissors Tournament Selection Overseas Expansion

As of February 2016, there are 554 members in all the groups. Yasushi Akimoto is expanding the AKB48 concept to several sister groups.

Sister groups in Japan include SKE48 in Nagoya, NMB48 in Osaka, HKT48 in Hakata, and NGT48 in Niigata. Sister groups abroad start with JKT48 in Jakarta, Indonesia, and announcements of TPE48 in Taipei, Taiwan, MNL48 in Manila, Philippines, and BNK48 in Bangkok, Thailand, have been made in 2016. "Senbatsu Members" selected from all members including those of sister groups in Japan perform the title song when new CD singles are released.

Through a partnership between Hallohallo Entertainment Inc and AKS CO., LTD, the foundation of MNL48 was finally made official. The new Philippine-based sister group will follow a structure similar to that used by AKB48. Members will be selected through a nationwide search with the final formation to be declared via general elections.


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