AKB48 and overseas sister groups’ members gather at the AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019 in Shanghai press conference

by MNL48 Philippines

A press conference for the AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019 in SHANGHAI was held on July 31, 2019 in Shanghai, China where popular members from seven groups – AKB48 and their international sister groups – gathered to introduce the upcoming Asia Festival, left a sweet message for their fans in China and talked about their excitement for the event which will be held at the Shanghai National Exhibition & Convention Center on 24th of August.

The members who attended the press conference were AKB48 Mukaichi Mion, JKT48 Beby, BNK48 Cherprang, AKB48 Team SH Mao WeiJia, AKB48 Team TP Chen Shih-Ya, SGO48 Kaycee and MNL48’s very own Abby.

As the host of the press conference, Captain of the local Shanghai group AKB48 Team SH Mao WeiJia, introduced each overseas sister group members on stage while fans, who won the lottery to attend the event, welcomed them with cheers. The members then performed the hit AKB48 song “Koisuru Fortune Cookie”, which has gained widespread popularity in China. They also treat the audience with their on the spot performance of “Let’s Try Dancing: An Elderly Person Version”, also known as the “Public Square Dance”, led and instructed by Mao WeiJia.

Moreover, the members also shared the presents they each brought for their fans in China and showed their sample「福」calligraphy to express their gratitude in Chinese-style, showing fans their zeal for the upcoming Asia Festival.

AKB48 Group Asia Festival is a large-scale festival where AKB48 and other overseas sister groups take part in the event, and this time it will be held in Shanghai. This will be the second time the festival will be held this year as the first ever Asia Festival happened last January 27 in Bangkok.

The upcoming Asia Festival will feature 64 members from seven groups (AKB48, JKT48, BNK48, MNL48, AKB48 Team SH, AKB48 Team TP and SGO48) who will perform for the said event. The festival program will consist of a fan meeting where fans get to enjoy each group’s individuality, a high-5 event to be participated by all members, a concert with performances and special units that can only be seen exclusively at the Asia Festival 2019 in Shanghai and many more, making it a highly anticipated festival that is distinctive to the AKB48 Group.

For the AKB48 Group, this will be the first time they are holding a huge solo concert in China, and many local fans were over the moon with the announcement of the second Asia Festival for this year will be held in Shanghai.

AKB48 Group General Manager, Mukaichi Mion expressed her excitement for the second Asia Festival this year, “The previous Asia Festival was the first time it was held, and although we speak different languages and have different cultures, we overcome that and sing the same AKB48 songs, bringing our hearts together as one, and it was a very touching. This second time, we would like to join forces with all our comrades around the world and make the best concert we can. We hope you enjoy the units and performances that can only be seen here. 48 Group fans, let’s meet in Shanghai on 24th August!!”

Looking back at the recent Asia Festival held in her home country, BNK48 Cheprang is also looking forward to experience Asia Festival with her 48sisters and fans this time in Shanghai. “We are very happy to join this event again. It was the great times that we had shared our happiness, culture, and friendship together with our 48 sister groups and also fanclub. We are looking forward to meet and share the delighted experience to 48Fan and also the 48sister group in Asia Festival 2019 in Shanghai on 24th August 2019!

Sharing the same excitement for the upcoming event, AKB48 Team SH Mao WeiJia couldn’t wait to share the stage with her sister groups as they will showcase their talent in one dream stage, “We are very happy to be able to show everyone this amazing stage performance by the groups in various territories; something that can only be seen at this event. For us Team SH, we would like to follow our seniors’ examples and bring positive energy to everyone by challenging many new things. We are also delighted that we will be sharing the stage with our other sister groups! I am so excited that recently I lack sleep! Looking forward to meeting everyone, so please come to the event and we will continue working hard!”

Meanwhile, before flying to Shanghai for the Asia Festival Press Conference, MNL48 Abby expressed how honored she is to represent MNL48 in the press conference, “It’s really overwhelming, and I’m very much excited. Of course, in behalf of MNL48, I will do my best to represent our group.”

“They need to expect more power when it comes to singing and dancing because from our past experience in Thailand, we learned a lot and we will use the knowledge that we gained for the upcoming AKB48 Group Asia Festival in Shanghai to improve our performance,” Abby added, when asked what MNLoves should expect from their performance.

Aside from voice and dance trainings, Abby continued that mental and emotional preparations are also needed for them to execute a more impressive show.

Catch MNL48 Sela, Abby, Sheki, Rans, Coleen, Brei, Kay and Belle at the AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019 in SHANGHA on August 24, 2019 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center. Tickets are on sale now at Damai and other various ticketing agents.

For more details, visit the official AKB48 Group Asia Festival website (www.akb48asiafes.com).

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