Ash says ‘sayonara’ as MNL48 member

by MNL48 Philippines

MNL48 Ash cries out her famous catchphrase “Fly high on cloud nine!” for the last time during her Sayonara Mini Live on September 15, 2019 that left fans emotional.

Fans shouted their loudest cheers when Ash enters the stage for solo performances of songs that are meaningful to her, as well as when she was joined by her fellow members to perform their hit tracks “Aitakatta – Gustong Makita”, “Igai Ni Mango”, “Umiindak na Saya”, “So Long”, “Ikaw Ang Melody”, and most especially, “Talulot ng Sakura”.

The crowd was indeed lively and supportive the whole duration of the event. Their waving orange light sticks astonished Ash and gave her a warm feeling while performing.

Ash was also surprised by a VTR greeting from her fellow members, who are currently in Japan for the Tokyo Game Show, and some of the former members who unexpectedly showed up and joined her on stage to surprise Ash and the fans.

Her fans and fellow members shed tears as Ash says her final touching message:

“I would like to thank everyone for coming today, and even those who couldn't come today, I would like to thank them also because you guys have supported me for a year and a half - it doesn't matter how long you've been a fan, thank you po for supporting me all throughout this journey.

“You make me feel loved, especially [today]. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to shine on stage. Arigato gozaimasu.”

“On behalf of MNL48, MNL48 Ashley Cloud Garcia, we are truly grateful and humbled to have you as our sister and Kami-7. Your thoughtfulness is a gift that we will always treasure. We are so happy to have you, MNL48 Ash,” Team Captain Alice emotionally expressed. The girls and the fans said thank you and took their bow that left Ash in tears.

Ash also shared that the best thing that’s ever happened to her in being part of MNL48 is gaining friends and that she will miss performing with the girls the most. “Yung MNL48 madadala ko siya buong buhay ko. Never marereplace yung mga memories na na-share namin tsaka yung connections that I made through here. May ibang bond kami, parang pamilya po.”

It is truly moving to see the kind of sisterhood these members have built with each other, especially with Ash. There is no doubt that she will be truly missed by the girls and the fans.

After her stage performances, fans were also given a chance to personally say their goodbyes to Ash through cheki or photo-op and handshake with her for the last time during her poster signing.

Meanwhile, MNL48 will be having their two-day fourth single Handshake event this coming September 21 and 22 at Movie Stars Café. For more information, visit their official social media pages and official website, and download MNL48 Fan Club App to stay updated on their upcoming shows and events.


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