Baby Blue releases “Sweet Talking Sugar” Music Video

by MNL48 Philippines

Two weeks after the official launch and debut of MNL48’s newest trio unit, Baby Blue, will finally release their “Sweet Talking Sugar” music video. Baby Blue is composed of MNL48 members, namely Jan, Amy and Coleen. Baby Blue will highlight and showcase their take on R&B and Hip-hop genre.

The music video will be launched in Japan by Tower Records Japan and at their digital music subscription site and app “EGGS” today, September 16, 2020. On the other hand, the official MV teaser will be released today here in the Philippines. And on September 17, 2020, at 6PM, Philippine time, is the premiere launch of the music video at the official Youtube channel of MNL48.

Their debut single “Sweet Talking Sugar” is a fresh take on the Citypop x Street vibe. The music video is directed by Director Carlo Manatad of Plan C, the director and the creative mind behind the music videos of MNL48 Team NIV’s “Palusot Ko’y Maybe“, MNL48’s 3rd Single “365 Araw ng Eroplanong Papel“, and MNL48’s first documentary film, “ICYMI: I SEE ME, the MNL48 First Generation Documentary. “

According to Director Manatad, the music video will showcase a modern style of 90’s R&B genre.

“Drawing influence from 90s R&B groups but at the same time modernizing it to give the trio a balance of swag but still keeping what the girls were loved for by the fans, which is their idol charm.” Director Manatad stated.

On the other hand, the trio members of Baby Blue prepared a lot for this music video, from their dance choreography, to vocals, and on how they will deliver the vibe of the song on camera.

“Every day I practice our dance choreography before the day of our MV shoot and I also practiced doing my facial expressions in front of the mirror. I take care of my skin and my body and make sure it'll look nice on the day of our shoot” Coleen stated.

“Personally, I’m listening to the song almost every day to get the feel and for me to project it right during the shoot, because the most important thing for me is that confidence should be seen in the camera so it will greatly impact the audience. Each member of the Baby Blue has a unique personality that should really be recognized. Jan added.

According to the members of Baby Blue, the music video is all about a ”chill and artistic vibe” that the millennial will surely love.

“The feel of our music video gives more “vibin’ feels” and very R&B, everyone will like especially the millennial. Even though it’s a bit different from what we usually do, we had a chance to showcase our own personality and unique style on this.” Amy stated

“There were scenes where our director did some drawings. As an art enthusiast, it caught my attention. I’m also very happy with the colors that they chose for me, they put me on a red light which describes my dark aura to pink and violet theme which shows my kawaii side. Same with the other girls, You will see our two sides in the music video, which makes us even more outstanding”. Jan added.

The members also said, to expect a different vibe and concepts.

“I'm confident that it will suit your taste. We had different settings that are very pleasant to the eyes. You will definitely enjoy watching it” Jan stated.

“After watching our MV I got so excited to show it to everyone already because it has a different concept that I think a lot of people will love. The concept, the vibe, the edit, and our outfits looked so nice together. Expect it to be a bit different from our usual concepts in MNL4, it has a bit more swaggy feel and it shows our different personalities.” Coleen added.

The members would like to express their deepest gratitude for the warm welcome and support that they received since their official launch.

Baby Blue, a unit group from MNL48, would be the first ever Filipino trio group to be promoted by a major output in Japan and Asia with Tower Records Japan.

Hallohallo Entertainment and Tower Records Japan will continuously release, and promote Baby Blue internationally, and the unit group’s songs and expect a nationwide promo tour in Japan after the pandemic.

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