Baby Blue the Newest Trio Unit Group from MNL48 Debuts its First Single

by MNL48 Philippines

Hallohallo Entertainment together with Tower Records Japan, would like to officially launch the newest trio unit group from MNL48, Baby Blue. The said unit group will highlight the R&B and Hip-hop genre. Baby Blue is composed of MNL48 members, namely Jan, Amy and Coleen.

Their debut single, ‘Sweet Talking Sugar,’ is a fresh take of Citypop x Street vibe. It will be launched on September 1, 2020 (Japan time). The song will be available at Tower Record’s digital music subscription station “EGGS” and other platforms.

The members are very much happy and excited to be part of the Baby Blue.

“I am beyond grateful to be part of this group and I am very much excited for the launching of it. Baby Blue's music is a bit different from what we usually do but I really enjoy trying different genres and being versatile with music so I hope you guys will love and appreciate our songs.” Coleen stated

“We, the Baby Blue are very much happy! We’re definitely excited to showcase our own talent and our own unique style and personality of course.” Amy stated.

“We thank the management who gave us the opportunity and a chance to this project. We are also hoping that everyone will appreciate our songs. We promise to give our best and will make the best out of it.” Amy added.

On the other hand, Jan shared what they have been preparing for the past few months.

“We can finally announce what we prepared for the past months. It was a big challenge for us to prepare during the lock down period. We faced many struggles, because of the pandemic crisis but we didn’t let the negative things to make us down, instead, we doubled our efforts and helped each other. I think our passion and love for our dream made us accomplished this project. We will give our best for Baby Blue to move forward towards our dream.” Jan stated.

The Baby Blue, unit group from MNL48 would be the first ever Filipino trio group to be promoted by a major output in Japan and Asia with Tower Records Japan.

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