Fans show continued support to MNL48 during October Seitansai and Handshake Event

by MNL48 Philippines

Fans surely had a blast last October 26th, 2019 at The Circle Events Place as nine members of MNL48 are celebrating their birthdays this month, making the October Seitansai a fun and unforgettable day as it was filled with surprises and exclusive solo performances from the celebrants

MNL48 members Rans, Ruth, Mari, Miho, Ice, Jaydee, Ella,

along with Kenkyuusei Sam and Trish, performed song and dance numbers which the

audience obviously loved. The fans’ never ending cheers and screams motivated

the girls who were all nervous and tense at the start of the event.
Each of the birthday girls didn’t fail to impress the crowd

as they showcased more of their hidden talents. As fourth single center girl

Aly described, the girls showed beyond what they usually perform as MNL48.

It was apparent that both the fans and the Seitansai celebrants had a great time as wide smiles filled the room. The girls said that they were joyful to spend the day with their dear MNLoves, and that they dedicate every hard work and performance to them.

On the same day, fans were also beaming with delight as they embarked on the third and last “Ikaw Ang Melody” Handshake Event Day 3 where they get to hold hands with their oshis, still at The Circle Events Place in Quezon City.

MNL48 Under Girls Coleen, Brei, Ruth, Lara, Kay, Brei, Belle, Joyce, Tin, Alyssa, Yssa, Mari and Miho performed their cutesy latest coupling song “Gingham Check”, followed by the final stage appearance of “Ikaw Ang Melody” by MNL48 Fourth Single Senbatsu Aly, Sela, Abby, Sheki, Jamie, Alice, Rans, Faith, Jan, Gabb, Jem, Kyla, Grace, Rowee and Thea.

With the upcoming release of MNL48’s Fifth Single “High Tension”, Fourth Single center Aly shed tears during the turnover of the position to MNL48 Gabb as she expressed her heartfelt gratitude to everyone who supported her during her post.

“I would also like to say thank you very much MNLoves for supporting our Fourth Single album ‘Ikaw Ang Melody’. Thank you very much kasi na-aappreciate nyo po kami. Thank you very much for supporting the Fourth Single album,” Aly said as the crowd chanted “Aly-gato, Aly!” to thank her for a remarkable performance during her era.

“I just also want to say na I’ve always dedicated this to the girls mapa-First Generation or mapa-Second Generation, dedicated po talaga ‘yun sa inyo. To everyone I’ve dedicated this, sana maging proud din po sila sa’kin kasi sila po yung reason kung bakit ginagawa ko ‘yung best ko and of course I just want to say to everyone – I mean everyone – to never underestimate anyone because they may surprise you,” Aly ended before passing on the microphone to MNL48 Gabb who will lead the Fifth Single era.

“I just want to thank you ate Aly for doing great sa ‘Ikaw Ang Melody’ na single and also sa lahat ng mga ate ko sa MNL48, thank you so much for guiding me. Ako po mismo na-surprise na magiging center ako ng Fifth Single so nanghihingi ako ng support and love niyo. Kaya natin ‘to!” Gabb said as she hyped their fans.

Proceeding to the event proper, fellow local and international MNLoves made their way to their oshis’ lanes to cherish their personal moments and to utter encouraging words to further motivate the girls in doing their best-est during their shows and performances. Furthermore, a Janken Senbatsu booth where fans can play rock-paper-scissor with MNL48 and a cheki booth where they can take polaroid photos with their oshis were also available.

Be sure to be around at Coslandia 2019 at November 1, 2 and 3, 2019 at SMX Convention Center Aura in Taguig City as MNL48 will unveil their newest Fifth Single “High Tension”, which will also double as the event’s official theme song.

Continue streaming “Gingham Check” music video on their official YouTube channel and follow their social media and website for more announcements. Do not forget to download the MNL48 app on Google Play Store and App Store to keep you posted.


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