MNL48 announce 4th single “Ikaw ang Melody”, Tease new music video

by MNL48 Philippines

Philippines’ idol group, MNL48 surprised fans after dropping details for their 4th single, “Ikaw ang Melody” and released a 30-second-long teaser video of their upcoming music video on Thursday, July 25, 2019 via group’s official social media pages. Aside from announcement of the 4th single featuring MNL48 2nd Year Senbatsu members lead by Center, MNL48 Aly together with Sela, Abby, Sheki, Jamie, Alice, Ash, Rans, Faith, Jan, Gabb, Jem, Kyla, Grace, Rowee, and Thea, MNL48 also revealed the track list which includes “Gingham Check” by MNL8 under girls, “So Long!” by Senbatsu and its instrumental versions. Other details included in the announcement is the new Digital Music Cards that fans can purchase and collect to listen to the 4th single album, which can now be pre-ordered, together with the audio CDs, on Hallo Hallo Mall website starting today. The latest single marks the beginning of the new chapter for the group as this will be their first release as 2nd year members after the General Election last April, that’s why newly crowned 2nd year Center, Aly couldn’t contain her excitement and happiness to be part of the Senbatsu and to lead the group for this single. “Very overwhelming because it is my first time to be part of Senbatsu and being the second year Center Girl. I’m very excited too for making the 4th single Ikaw ang Melody. From recording to making the music video it was just breathtaking because it was so surreal. In our recording, we have fun familiarizing, memorizing the lyrics. It also gave me a realization that this is it, this is my start to be the center of MNL48.”

Sharing the same excitement for the release of their newest single, Former Center Girl, Sheki gives her full support to Aly and hopes their fans will love their 4th single.

“Ngayong ginagawa na po namin ang 4th single ang nararamdaman ko po right now is naeexcite dahil dito na nga namin mapapakita at masasabi na “Ay, oo nga pala next chapter na ng MNL48”. Sa mga nakaraang singles po na naging center po ako masaya na dalhin ko ang buong grupo kumbaga I was given the chance po to lead MNL48. And ngayong hindi na po ako ang center, I’m excited na mafeel din na its time naman para saken na ako naman ung magsupport sa girls especially to our 2nd year center MNL48 Aly. I’m happy for her dahil ito na ang time nya para magshine and I’m willing to help her naman po sa pagbigay ng knowledges at advices. So ayun po eto na malapit na ang aming 4th single at madami na ding nag-aabang kaya naman talagang ibibigay namin ang lahat para maging worth it ang pag-aantay ng MNLoves.”

As one of the newest members of MNL48, Jamie shared how nervous and thrilled she was for group’s 4th single as ‘Kimi Wa Melody” is her favorite AKB48 song, “Preparing for the 4th single was a very exciting experience for me as a new member. Going through photoshoots, recordings, and the MV Shoot was so much fun! To be honest, I felt a bit nervous as this is my first time, but with the help of my Senpais, everything went smoothly. When I learned that Kimi Wa Melody would be the 4th single song, I felt even more excited! The MV for Kimi Wa Melody by AKB48 is my favorite, even way before being an official member. Jamie also added how she enjoyed the whole experience as a first timer and how excited she is for their fans to hear their latest offering, “creating the song and the music video was such a happy experience. I felt kilig when I wore my own costume and headdress for the first time! After shooting the MV, I couldn’t help but feel more excited for the launching. I am thrilled to show our dearest MNLoves the songs we’ve been working on for the past months. I also am excited for our music to reach the different parts of the world.”

Meanwhile, Ikaw ang Melody music video director, Director Peewee Gonzales shared his experience in doing this project with MNL48, “Many circumstances happened that we didn’t expect that day that’s why we started rolling way behind our schedule but you know what, shooting MNL48 is easy! When we called for them to be onset, they're readily there. All rehearsed and they really knew what they were doing. Pro! Our experience was both heaven and hell, it was challenging, redeeming and fun. Its a roller coaster ride with lots of bumps, turns, twists, and then going back to ride that coaster again just because you loved it.”

The premier of” Ikaw ang Melody” full music video will be announced soon on the group’s social media pages.

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