MNL48 Crowns Third Generation Center, MNL48 Abby

by MNL48 Philippines

The final results of Third General Election Part Three were announced naming MNL48’s Third Generation Center and Senbatsu (Top 16) ranking. On February 20, 2021 on It’s Showtime live announcement as part of the three day online event of MNL48’s Third General Election.

The MNL48 Third General Election is an annual event where fans get to vote for their favourite members who they think should be part of the Top 48, following the system of MNL48’s international sister group, AKB48.

The official members will be grouped according to their rankings based from the voting result: Senbatsu (Top 1 to 16), Under Girls (Top 17 to 32), and Rank 33 to 36 are official members of MNL48 and reserve for Undergirls and/or Senbatsu in case of unavailability or absence of those group members. Top 37 to 48 would be Third Generation’s Kenkyuusei or trainees.

Here is the full list and rankings of Third General Election’s Senbatsu, Undergirls, and Kenkyuusei:

For this year, MNL48 Abby, who ranked at the 3rd spot during the Second General Election last 2019, is now our newly crowned Third Generation Center. MNL48 Abby is both happy and emotional to be Third Generation’s Center.

“I’m very happy, I’m so happy! I’m emotional right now because I can’t believe I’m the 3rd Generation’s Center! I am excited to be the next Center for the 7th single! I am very thankful for the support of my fans and I’m going to do my very best to make all of my supporters proud of me.”

Meanwhile, this generation’s Kami 7, is composed of MNL48 Abby, Sheki, Jamie, Ruth, Ella, Jan and Andi. The Top 7 means the most popular members among the group for the Third Generation.

The ranking results of the Third General Election ranking system were based 100% from the public voting happened from March 15, 2020 until November 30, 2020 through MNL48 official website and Fan Club app by using a voting ticket that can be availed by purchasing any selected MNL48 merchandise and MNL48 6th Single Album.

The result was checked and verified by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) representative and Hallohallo Entertainment Inc. (HHE) officials to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the election data.

Indeed, we truly are grateful for the unending support of fans. We are hopeful for what’s in store for MNL48 especially now that the group announced its Third Generation Members and gearing up for the upcoming jam-packed activities and projects.

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