MNL48 Faith bids her fans farewell

by MNL48 Philippines

As Faith had always been a part of the Senbatsu in each single, fans were emotional to witness her last appearance as an MNL48 member in her Sayonara Mini Live on January 26th, 2020 at Movie Stars Café.

She performed a medley of all their main singles, with the Senbatsu members of each one, which were both an entertainment and a nostalgic moment for them and the fans. She also gave her audience song and dance numbers on some foreign music, and of course, her personal favorite, AKB48’s ‘Kokoro no Placard’ in Filipino (Plakard ng Aking Puso). The crowd erupted into loud shouts of joy as two former MNL48 members appeared too, Nice and Ash, whom Faith, as it turned out, secretly invited to join her perform on stage for the last time.

Together with other MNL48 members, Faith performed ‘Talulot ng Sakura’, a song depicting change and facing the future with hope. The song was personally special for her, as she told the audience that it was the first song she ever practiced as a member and was then the last song she sings on stage.

For her, being in MNL48 changed her life in a way that she had gained confidence. “I believe naman na everybody has their own star and meron tayong maipapakita, pero the Faith back then wasn’t able to show herself masyado kasi nahihiya siya,” she remarked. “She’s like always that shy girl, random, and very quirky. In MNL48 I was able to be confident enough to be quirky as I am now, [and I don’t shy away anymore] sa mga gusto kong gawin. I learned to take every opportunity kasi ‘yung chance isang beses lang siya dumarating sa life.”

“What I will miss the most is spending time with my sisters sa MNL48, ‘yung random moments and ‘yung mga times na kami-kami lang, [as well as] learning ‘yung mga new songs [that are yet to be released],” she expressed. Aside from that, she also shared her most memorable experience in being an MNL48 idol. “‘Yung pinaka-memorable sa’kin is when I went to Bangkok for the [2019 AKB48 Group] Asia Festival because it was my first time to go overseas [for work]. I got to spend time with my sisters sa ibang groups and sobrang nakakatuwa to share our different cultures, kasi I really like learning languages and other cultures kaya that was a big opportunity for me. And I made good friends na hindi ko ine-expect; we still stay in touch and I feel like we’ll see each other pa.”

As she departs from the idol group industry to take on a different career path, here’s her final message that she wanted to get across to her fans: “I hope that they won’t be too sad kasi nakikita ko sa social media sobrang na-surprise sila sa announcement ko and everything still feels surreal for each one of us kaya if ever mag-sink in na I hope na hindi naman masyadong malungkot. ‘Yung mga sinabi kong messages during my concert and du’n sa songs na pinerform ko, I hope ‘yun ‘yung maging batayan nila na don’t be too sad because it’s just me trying to move forward in life. And you’ll see me around, I’ll still be the Faith that you guys love. I love you guys, thank you so much for all the support, hindi masasayang ‘yon.”

Faith, being one of the consistent top members, will surely be missed by MNLoves and her Feitoverse. Notwithstanding, the rest of MNL48 continues their journey as this coming month of February is packed with their new theatre shows and other events! Check the official social media pages for the dates and more announcements, and remember to catch the girls’ live streams daily on Kumu.

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