MNL48 premieres “Ikaw ang Melody” music video

by MNL48 Philippines

Following the announcement of MNL48 4th single on Thursday, July 25, the group debut their eighth music video “Ikaw ang Melody” starring the Second Year Senbatsu members Sela, Abby, Sheki, Jamie, Alice, Ash Rans, Faith, Jan, Gabb, Jem, Kyla, Grace, Rowee, Thea and new Center Girl Aly today, July 27, 2019 on their official YouTube Channel.

“Ikaw ang Melody” is the Tagalog version of their international sister group AKB48’s “Kimi Wa Melody”, the 43rd single of the group that marked their 10th annual anniversary.

“The concept was living dolls and that's how we see MNL48 for the project. Living, beautiful, talented dolls for the song” said Peewee Gonzalez, the director of the music video.

Sela shared her thoughts about the music video “Of course, I am very honored to be part of this single because as we all know, Kimi Wa Melody by AKB48 was one of their legendary songs and I could say that the best part of this preparation is we, MNL48 members, along with the MNL48 management, worked together to make all of these possible. And I guess the difference between the making of this MV and other MV's of MNL48 is we were able to put a lot of Filipino touch in it.”

“Ang Ikaw ang Melody music video ay ibang iba sa previous mv namin dahil first time namin magsoot ng philippine costume , which is sobrang saya dahil we MNL48 are representing our country Philippines” Abby added.

Moreover, Aly reminisced doing the previous music video before she become the Center Girl “The difference po talaga this time ako na ang center kasi during the past MVs parang I was a follower po, a follower of the leader which is the center tapos ngayon I feel like I am carrying the whole group kaya dapat mas tatagan ko pa loob ko para din po sa girls.”

Meanwhile, MNL48’s “Ikaw ang Melody” music video hashtag #IkawAngMelodyMNL48 reached the 10th spot on the Philippine Twitter Trends upon its release.

Watch “Ikaw Ang Melody” music video here:

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