MNL48 wows international fans in the launching event of ‘Seikimatsu Blue’ in Tokyo

by MNL48 Philippines

Photo courtesy of @LMSproducer_IZY

The Philippines’ idol group, MNL48, treated and enticed fans with energetic and charming first live performance in Japan with their biggest hit music at the launching event of their first international film and the film-adaptation of the hit manga series ‘Seikimatsu Blue’ last September 14, 2019 at Alta Key Studio in Tokyo, Japan.

MNL48 Abby, Coleen, Brei, Kay, Amy, Cess, Dana and Rans set the mood and energy in the studio by opening the event with their captivating 4th single ‘Ikaw Ang Melody’ and as expected, international fans were amazed and can’t contain their excitement as they cheer the girls by chanting MNL48 and AKB48’s fan chant while performing.

Photo Courtesy of KaniBerin of TDDI

Moreover, to elevate the atmosphere and energy of the crowd, MNL48 hyped up the fans with their ‘Aitakatta – Gustong Makita’ followed by ‘Palusot Ko’y Maybe, then ‘So Long’, ‘First Rabbit’ and ended the show performing the original version of AKB48’s famous and bop song ‘Koi Suru Fortune Cookie’ live.

Photo Courtesy of KanaBerin of TDDI

Words weren’t enough as MNL48 Abby expressed her state by being the main cast of the said film, “We are so thankful for your warm welcome, and we are so grateful because we had a chance to perform here in front of you. Also, aside from performing we are here to launch our very first international film ‘Seikimatsu Blue’!”.

Photo Courtesy of @antichi

The feeling was undeniably surreal as MNL48 Kay outburst her euphoric feels, “We are so thankful to all the people who went to our launching event of ‘Seikimatsu Blue’, don’t worry because we prepared lots of performances just for you!” and when she was asked about her experience during the shoot of the film, “yung ibang member di marunong mag- japanese, pag nakikipag-communicate sila sa ibang fans, napaghahalo yung accents ng English at Japanese kaya ang cute nila tignan. Lahat ng cast at staff ang babait kaya ang saya ng experience.” she added.

Photo Courtesy of @MarJ_Yokoyama

Aside from performing and launching their international film ‘Seikimatsu Blue’, MNL48 also announced their official new card game app that will be available for download from the App Store and Google Play this September. Afterwards, MNL48 also gave their fans a chance to interact with them while selling their merchandise.

Photo courtesy of KanaBerin of TDDI

The launching event of ‘Seikimatsu Blue’ was also graced by various talented artists and international idols; Fairytales, 1-Girls, GrecoRexNEO, Amatsusora, Yuasa Michiru, TOMOCA, Tsubasa Hazuki, Ayumichi ito and Junon Super Boy Anothers.

Photo Courtesy of @MarJ_Yokoyama

The film ‘Seikimatsu Blue’ was based from the hit manga series of the same title originally created by well-known Japanese manga artist, Shintaro Hirota. Also, it was scheduled to be exhibited at the International Film Festival, and will be shown in Japan and abroad in early 2020.

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