MNL48 wows fans on their First Fan Meet event

by Mnl48 Philippines

After the recently concluded First Generation General Election, MNL48 members and Kenkyuusei received an overwhelming support on their first official Fan Meet on June 3, 2018 at Elements at Centris.


Everyone was excited to finally see their Oshi live especially now that they have fully transformed into an idol-like individuals in just a month of trainings and makeover as they begun their journey as MNL48 first generation.


Aside from the members’ daily appearances on the newly improved MNL48 Online Update on their official Facebook page and YouTube Channel, now called MNLife and MNLaugh, the event was indeed special for both fans and the members since this was their first official gathering with their supporters after the announcement of first generation members last April 28 on ABS-CBN’s noontime show, It’s Showtime.


The excitement of the fans was evident even during the registration with some who headed straight to the merchandising booth upon their registration and bought MNL48 exclusive items including the MNL48 photo cards which later they excitedly traded with other fans inside the venue.


When the Fan Meet started, the group did not disappoint the fans as they opened the event with their lively performance of the Filipino version of one of the AKB48’s hit song Aitakatta - this is the first time the girls performed the song in Filipino which made the event even more special. After their first performance, the girls then welcomed their supporters with sweet smiles and excitement as they introduced themselves one by one that earned loud cheers from the crowd.


To make the event more fun and interactive, the girls picked random fans to join them on stage to play a game of Pick Pack Poink hosted by MNL48 First Generation members Lei, Dian, Ecka, and Erica while their co-members Shaira, Necca, Aly, and Joyce gamely played with the four lucky fans who won exciting prizes from one of the event’s sponsors, Mogu Mogu.


After an exclusive interaction with the fans, the girls got emotional as they thanked their supporters who were with them since the beginning of their journey. Alice, the overall team captain of MNL48, gave a heartfelt message to the audience and congratulated the whole team for the successful event. “Maraming maraming salamat po sa tulong niyo para mabuo po ‘yung pangarap namin,” Alice expressed.


Meanwhile, MNL48 Center Girl Sheki was overwhelmed with the support that the group has been receiving. “Sana ‘wag niyo po kaming iiwan hanggang dulo. Thank you po sa lahat ng effort niyo and sa time niyo na binibigay sa amin. Kayo po ‘yung nagiging lakas namin kaya nagagawa po namin ang lahat,” said Sheki to everyone who joined them for this special occasion.

During her speech, Sheki was also thrilled to share that the Kami 7 will soon fly to Japan to train and hone their talents as idols and prepare for their upcoming debut single, and informed every one about the MNL48 Theater that will open very soon. She also added that they will be attending the AKB48 53rd Single World General Election to be held in Nagoya on June 16, 2018.


When the crowd thought the event was already done, the Senbatsu slay the stage with their exclusive performance AKB48’s song, “Heavy Rotation”, and to capture the special moment at the first ever fan meet, five lucky winners of Fujifilm Raffle had the opportunity to have a picture taken with their Oshi using Fujifilm Instax.


More surprises were announced during the event including the launch of the MNL48 Fan Club. Faith, Ash and Alice briefly introduced the app which features news updates of the members, upcoming events and singles, and theater ticket reservations and announcements.


For their final song, MNL48 First Generation and Kenkyuusei closed the event with a special performance of the Filipino version of AKB48’s first highest debut single “Sakura No Hanabiratachi”. Sheki then bowed to everyone as a sign of her gratitude on behalf of the group.


The event officially ended as the girls visited the Merchandise booth and thanked the supporters for the last time.

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MNL48 reveals First Generation Members

by Mnl48 Philippines

The 1st General Election for the newest AKB48 sister group and the biggest idol group in the Philippines, MNL48, took place on April 28 at Studio 4 and Center Road in ABS-CBN.

It was a momentous event for both MNL48 finalists and fans who gathered in ABS-CBN to witness the announcement of the result of the General Election. A total of 72 finalists took part in the election after three months of hard work and dedication, however only 48 aspirants were declared as the First Generation members while remaining aspirants were announced as Kenkyuusei (Trainees)

The crowned center girl of this year's election was Sheki while rank 2 and 3 went to Abby and Sela followed by Tin at rank 4, Zen at rank 5, Alice at rank 6, and Trixie joined the Kami 7 (rank 1-7) at rank 7.

“Yung una po talaga pumasok sa isip ko is si Lord po talaga kasi po kundi dahil sa kaniya, wala po ako sa kinakatayuan ko po ngayon.” Sheki said when asked what first came into her mind when her name was called as center girl. “Ang mapapayo ko po sainyo, kapag may pangarap po kayo wag kayong susuko. Kung madadapa po kayo ngayon, dadating po yung right time. Kung hindi man po ako ang center girl ngayon, siyempre ipagpapatuloy ko pa rin po yung ginagawa ko, magttry and magttry pa rin po ako and gagawin ko po yung best ko para po mapanatili yung pagiging top ranker sa MNL48,” MNL48 center girl continued.

Alice, who took the 6th spot, proudly expressed her thoughts being part of MNL48 first generation. “Sobrang nagpapasalamat po ako kasi nabuo na ang Kami 7 at Senbatsu. Sobra po kaming nag-work hard to prove our pinay kawaii image to all other sister groups of AKB48 para po mapakita sa other groups na may ibubuga po ang Pilipinas at sobrang talented po naming lahat para po mas makilala tayo”

The ranking of the First Generation members were based from the votes they earned on the MNL48 Plus app during the General Election voting period from April 14 to April 27 until 1PM.

To cap off the historic event, the first generation members were later on presented to the fans for the first time at Center Road with live coverage on MNL48 official Facebook page and YouTube Channel. Each member was given a chance to thank their supporters and answer some of their questions.

"Actually po nung announcement nung Top 16 sobrang saya ko po talaga. Tapos nung rank 17 po ako, still napaka-blessed ko pa rin po. Kahit wala po ako sa Top 16, ako naman po yung center ng Under Girls," Alyssa shared her thoughts being the rank 17

The announcement of Senbatsu (Top 16) was televised live on Its’ Showtime during the MNL48 segment while the reveal of rank 17th to 48th, and Kenkyuusei were aired on MNL48’s Online Update on its official Facebook page and YouTube Channel.

Check out the full results below:

Meanwhile, big opportunities await our MNL48 First Generation members. The group will be performing daily at their very own MNL48 Theater, will have their music recording under Star Music, and international training under AKS, the prestigious talent management of AKB48, and will be the first Filipino endorsers of Tokyo Girls Collection that will soon open in the Philippines.

MNL48 aspirants gear up on their last 7 days to campaign

by Mnl48 Philippines

MNL48 finalists exert extra effort as they get closer and closer to finding out the first generation members of the first idol group in the Philippines.

For almost three months of MNL48 on It’s Showtime, the girls have proven that they already got not just idol-like performances but also the characteristics of being an idol during their trainings on their journey to Final 48.

Last week, the audience and the coaches enjoyed watching them grove to the beat of AKB48’s hit song Aitakatta wearing their uniforms. This week, the viewers have seen their genuine smiles and inspired faces as they performed another AKB48 song, Koisuru Fortune Cookie in the noontime show today.

After the feel-good dance performance, everyone was saddened by the announcement of the sudden back out of MNL48 consistent top rankers Eunice and Aria, who decided to focus on their family and studies, respectively. To complete the 48 girls, challengers Mari and Belle were chosen based on their ranks to be officially part of the Top 48.

The Top 3 were also chosen based on their personal scores since the beginning of the competition. Sela, Abby and Trixie got the highest overall scores from the ABS-CBN and Hallo Hallo Entertainment executives and staffs, coaches, advisers, and the madlang hurados.

Beginning today, the girls have one week left before the General Election on April 28. Voting will officially close on April 27. So the aspirants are thoroughly campaigning to be part of the Top 7 to have a chance to train with AKS in Japan, the talent agency who handles AKB48. To be the center girl is the most desired position in MNL48 because she will be the face of MNL48 worldwide.

Meanwhile, MNL48 will be having its first big event, the “Meet Your Oshi” event on Sunday, April 22, where the finalists will perform in front of the public for the first time at Trinoma Level 4 Park. In addition, fans will have a chance to meet and greet their Oshi.

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Countdown to MNL48 First General Election begins

by Mnl48 Philippines

After all the hardships and triumphs each of the MNL48 aspirants went through in the hope of becoming part of biggest idol group in the Philippines, the competition is set to conclude this April 28 as the MNL8 First Generation General Election was formally announced on It’s Showtime.

After the dance face-off of the seven challengers and seven bottom rankers, Hallohallo Entertainment Inc. revealed that starting today, April 14, the battle for the Final 48 officially begins as the votes on the MNL48 app reset and go back to zero.

Inspired by the tradition of its sister group, AKB48, MNL48 will be having its first General Election on April 28 with live coverage to be aired on It’s Showtime. The big event will determine the members’ hierarchy in the group which will be based on votes.

From the Final 48 after the General Election, Top 16 will compete for the Top 7 spots who will be training in Japan and will have the opportunity to perform with AKB48 and other sister groups in Asia, while the remaining 41 members will train here in the Philippines.

As the Top 7 members will be chosen, the center girl who will be the face of MNL48 will also be crowned. Vote for your Oshi and make her dreams come true. One account can only vote for one aspirant so choose wisely, voting opens at 3pm today on the MNL48 Plus App, and will officially end on April 27, 1pm.

The official MNL48 first generation idols will have the privilege to perform on MNL48’s soon-to-be-built theatre, will be the first Filipino endorsers of Tokyo Girls Collection, together with other Japanese girls, and will be living on the MNL48 mansion.

Bottom 7 secured their spot on Top48

by Mnl48 Philippines

As the chosen 48 Madlang Hurados from Monday to Thursday continue to score and comment on the aspirants` performance on It’s Showtime, Jewel, Tin, Brei and Ecka stood out as the best performer each day on their group performances.

Earlier today, 41 aspirants were given a chance to perform one of AKB48’s popular songs live on stage. The girls impressed their advisers and the noontime audience as they showcased their talent by performing their sister group’s 3rd single and first major single released, Aitakatta (I Wanted to Meet You).

Meanwhile, to prove to everyone that they deserve a spot on the upcoming MNL48 General Election, this week’s bottom 7 and the 7 challengers didn’t waste their chance to show-off their dancing skills on their dance showdown by performing Ariana Grande’s dance-pop and EDM song hit, One Last Time.

Everyone was amazed on how the bottom 7 defended their spot in the Top 48 with the total average score of 74.96%. Kyla caught the eye of their adviser, Ogie Diaz. “Hindi ko naramdaman na nasa bottom 7 kayo” (I didn`t feel that you are the bottom 7 girls) Ogie said.

After the performances, It’s Showtime host Anne and Karylle announced the Top 7 for this week based on their ranking and personal scores from their coaches, advisers, Hallohallo Entertainment, and ABS-CBN executives, and Madlang Hurados. Congratulations, for making it to this week’s Top 7:

Rank 7 Gabb, Rank 6 Tin, Rank 5 Trixie, Rank 4 Alice, Rank 3 Sheki, Rank 2 Eunice, Rank 1 Abby.

For this week’s MNL48 Online Update, Top 48 and 27 challengers proved their worth to be part of the MNL48 first generation by showcasing their talents on their group performances. Also, 20 girls from the MNL48 challengers were also introduced to the supporters as they entered the competition.

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New challengers join 48 aspirants, this week’s Top 7 revealed

by Mnl48 Philippines

This week, the audience started to score and commented on each candidate’s performance on It’s Showtime, while the Top 48 aspirants were stunned when the noontime show revealed that seven new candidates will be joining them in the search for the MNL48 first generation idols, to coincide with the announcement of the Top 7 and Bottom 7 aspirants.

Aside from the 7 new challengers who were introduced on It’s Showtime, another 20 girls will be joining them as well as the 48 girls to complete the Top 75 once again

Laney, Andi, Nina, Vira, Belle, Mari, and Yna performed AKB48’s Oogoe Diamond after they were formally introduced as the newest aspirants of the soon-to-be formed all-girl idol group.

The 48 aspirants danced to the beat of One Drection’s “Kiss You” today, where Gabb, Alice, Sheki, Eunice, Abby, Tin and Sela (from 7-1,) got the highest scores from the audience, their voice and dance coaches, advisers and ABS-CBN and Hallohallo Entertainment Inc. Executives; while Faith, Kyla, Grace, Kay, Van, Jan and Thea garnered the lowest scores.

This scoring will only form 50% of the overall result of the upcoming General Election, while the other 50% will be based on each candidate’s votes on the MNL48 Plus app.

The girls performed the popular hit songs Hot n Cold by Katy Perry, Cheerleader by Omis, Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen, Perfect Strangers by Jonas Blue ft. JP Cooper, and No Excuses by Meghan Trainor.

For this week’s Online Update, the aspirants showcased their singing and dancing talents to prove that they are worthy to be idols. On the other hand, following MNL48’s Lenten special on It’s Showtime, the candidates visited and bonded with retired Augustinian Sisters at Bahay Consuelo, recuperating soldiers at the AFP Medical Center, and the differently-abled at Tahanang Walang Hagdanan, where the girls performed mini shows for them and put a smile on their faces.

The 48 girls also got a makeover at Cut Encarnacion Group of Salon to match further enhance their beauty, idol aura and charm.

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Bigger challenges await the MNL48 finalists

by Mnl48 Philippines

Now that MNL48 is down to 48 aspirants, the search for the first generation members of the newest idol group in the Philippines continues, and they will be facing new challenges in the coming weeks.

A week after the announcement of the Top 48, the finalists were given the chance to impress the viewers with their talents. They were divided into six groups, each performing different dance songs every day from Monday to Saturday.

Some girls grooved to the beat of Kesha’s Tik Tok, others danced to the music of California Girls and Fireworks by Katy Perry, Starships by Nicki Minaj, Shake It Off by Taylor Swift, and Domino by Jessie J.

On the other hand, the supporters got the chance to know more about their idol’s lives as each MNL48 finalist brought with them a person closest to their hearts during the MNL48 Online Update aired on its official Facebook page (mnl48official), Mondays to Saturdays.

Meanwhile, the remaining aspirants are striving harder after they knew that only the top 7 will get an opportunity to train with AKS in Japan, the talent management who handles their sister group AKB48.

The official first generation of MNL48 will also have an endorsement, recording contracts, and will be performing daily at the MNL48 theater and will have the chance to perform with some members of AKB48 and its other sister groups.

Watch their videos in MNL48 official YouTube account (@mnl48) and get the latest updates in its website ( and social media accounts.

Top 48 revealed on It's Showtime

by Mnl48 Philippines

The remaining MNL48 aspirants were all given a chance to perform live on It’s Showtime stage as the Top 48 girls who will continue on to the competition were announced today, March 17, 2018.

The girls impressed the audience and their mentors when they showcased their dancing skills to the beat of Kim Chui’s OPM song, Expressed Yourself.

Among the 55 girls, Ella, Dana and Nice stood out as the judges noticed their charm and stage presence during the group performance.

Sadly, much to everyone’s surprise, 7 girls were eliminated earlier today. Pam, Patriz, Bea, Heart, Yoana, Erah and Mara bid their goodbyes to their co-candidates and supporters for the fifth live elimination that led to the announcement of the Top 48 girls who will continue their journey to be part of MNL48 first generation members. The remaining girls will face new challenges as they are now a step closer to reaching their ultimate idol dream.

Meanwhile, the remaining aspirants started their TV guesting on the Kapamilya show, Umagang Kay Ganda last March 12 to 15 and later joined the MNL48 Plus mobile app promotional tour at Starmall, Alabang where they campaigned for votes and met some of their supporters.

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Finalists working better on their journey to Final 48

by Mnl48 Philippines

MNL48 finalists are on edge for week 6’s Top 10 and eliminated names announced on ABS-CBN’s It’s Showtime on March 10, 2018.

Gel, Dian, Gela, Erica, Jem, Val, Joyce, Enzel, Zen and Orelle impressed the judges with their live performance of the OPM dance hit “Kembot” by UD4. Shaira, on the other hand was able to come back to the Top 10 while Aria missed a spot in this week’s top rankers. Meet the Top 10 candidates who got the most votes this week according to their rank.

The competition is weeks away from forming MNL48, and the candidates waste no time campaigning for votes, sharpening their talents, and achieving their idol dreams.

Sadly, for the fourth live elimination, Gel, Enzel, Val, Gela and Orelle have to bid adieu to their chance of being part of the all-girl idol group. These hopefuls received the lowest scores from their advisers, coaches, and producers.

Catch the remaining candidates live on MNL48’s Online Update from Monday to Friday at 6PM and Saturday at 5PM on its official Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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Remaining finalists send an emotional goodbye to this week’s bottom five

by Mnl48 Philippines

Although the remaining 60 finalists became closer to reaching their dream of becoming part of the Final 48, they were saddened as another five girls bid goodbye to their MNL48 journey today, March 3, after their performance on ABS-CBN’s It’s Showtime.

Despite being in a competition, the girls have already formed a strong bond and friendship that will continue on even after the idol search. Tears shed as the candidates gave their final messages to their close friends at the back stage after the emotional announcement of this week’s Top 10 and bottom five.

Sheki jumped to Top 3 and is definitely another candidate to watch out for in the coming weeks. Here are the other aspirants who made it to this week’s Top 10 according to their ranking.

Ella, Rain, Sheki, Pie, Cherish, Alyssa, Kate, Daryll, Lorem, Aly got the chance to show their talent in singing and dancing as they performed Kapamilya singer/actress Janella Salvador “Pumapag-ibig” live on stage, together with the Top 10 this week. Out of 65 hopefuls, Pie, Rain, Lorem, Kate, and Cherish got the lowest score from advisers, coaches, and producers leading to the end their idol journey.

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