Fans show continued support to MNL48 during October Seitansai and Handshake Event

by MNL48 Philippines

Fans surely had a blast last October 26th, 2019 at The Circle Events Place as nine members of MNL48 are celebrating their birthdays this month, making the October Seitansai a fun and unforgettable day as it was filled with surprises and exclusive solo performances from the celebrants

MNL48 members Rans, Ruth, Mari, Miho, Ice, Jaydee, Ella,

along with Kenkyuusei Sam and Trish, performed song and dance numbers which the

audience obviously loved. The fans’ never ending cheers and screams motivated

the girls who were all nervous and tense at the start of the event.
Each of the birthday girls didn’t fail to impress the crowd

as they showcased more of their hidden talents. As fourth single center girl

Aly described, the girls showed beyond what they usually perform as MNL48.

It was apparent that both the fans and the Seitansai celebrants had a great time as wide smiles filled the room. The girls said that they were joyful to spend the day with their dear MNLoves, and that they dedicate every hard work and performance to them.

On the same day, fans were also beaming with delight as they embarked on the third and last “Ikaw Ang Melody” Handshake Event Day 3 where they get to hold hands with their oshis, still at The Circle Events Place in Quezon City.

MNL48 Under Girls Coleen, Brei, Ruth, Lara, Kay, Brei, Belle, Joyce, Tin, Alyssa, Yssa, Mari and Miho performed their cutesy latest coupling song “Gingham Check”, followed by the final stage appearance of “Ikaw Ang Melody” by MNL48 Fourth Single Senbatsu Aly, Sela, Abby, Sheki, Jamie, Alice, Rans, Faith, Jan, Gabb, Jem, Kyla, Grace, Rowee and Thea.

With the upcoming release of MNL48’s Fifth Single “High Tension”, Fourth Single center Aly shed tears during the turnover of the position to MNL48 Gabb as she expressed her heartfelt gratitude to everyone who supported her during her post.

“I would also like to say thank you very much MNLoves for supporting our Fourth Single album ‘Ikaw Ang Melody’. Thank you very much kasi na-aappreciate nyo po kami. Thank you very much for supporting the Fourth Single album,” Aly said as the crowd chanted “Aly-gato, Aly!” to thank her for a remarkable performance during her era.

“I just also want to say na I’ve always dedicated this to the girls mapa-First Generation or mapa-Second Generation, dedicated po talaga ‘yun sa inyo. To everyone I’ve dedicated this, sana maging proud din po sila sa’kin kasi sila po yung reason kung bakit ginagawa ko ‘yung best ko and of course I just want to say to everyone – I mean everyone – to never underestimate anyone because they may surprise you,” Aly ended before passing on the microphone to MNL48 Gabb who will lead the Fifth Single era.

“I just want to thank you ate Aly for doing great sa ‘Ikaw Ang Melody’ na single and also sa lahat ng mga ate ko sa MNL48, thank you so much for guiding me. Ako po mismo na-surprise na magiging center ako ng Fifth Single so nanghihingi ako ng support and love niyo. Kaya natin ‘to!” Gabb said as she hyped their fans.

Proceeding to the event proper, fellow local and international MNLoves made their way to their oshis’ lanes to cherish their personal moments and to utter encouraging words to further motivate the girls in doing their best-est during their shows and performances. Furthermore, a Janken Senbatsu booth where fans can play rock-paper-scissor with MNL48 and a cheki booth where they can take polaroid photos with their oshis were also available.

Be sure to be around at Coslandia 2019 at November 1, 2 and 3, 2019 at SMX Convention Center Aura in Taguig City as MNL48 will unveil their newest Fifth Single “High Tension”, which will also double as the event’s official theme song.

Continue streaming “Gingham Check” music video on their official YouTube channel and follow their social media and website for more announcements. Do not forget to download the MNL48 app on Google Play Store and App Store to keep you posted.


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Official Statement: HHE Management to terminate Cess from MNL48 for violations

by MNL48 Philippines

Hallohallo Entertainment Inc. would like to formally announce the dismissal of Cess from MNL48 effective today, November 5, 2019 due to countless violation of house regulations.

HHE gives serious attention to all rules and regulations established to each member that were discussed to them and their guardians upon signing of their contracts. By outright disregarding and violating the regulations set by HHE, the management has to take immediate and necessary actions to properly address this matter.

HHE Management

MNL48 Team L Intensifies the Final Leg of ‘No To Oshi Hen’ Team Concert at TIU Theater

by MNL48 Philippines

With MNL48’s final show of ‘No To Oshi Hen’ team concert, Team L proved that they deserved to be the last show as they intensified the stage of their concert at TIU Theater, Makati City on October 20, 2019.

As the night of the concert finally came, the theater was brightened by colorful light sticks, filled with euphoric vibes and packed with a huge number of fans as no seats were left unoccupied. But setting that aside, an impeccable show was about to happen when the music was up, the lights finally illuminated the stage, and fans started to scream and shout their fan chants.

The theater was oozing with bizarre and surprising shows as MNL48’s Team L – Sela, Gabb, Kyla, Grace, Thea, Kay, Amy, Tin, Yssa, Marj, Dian, Ice, Lei, Shaina, Ella and Frances – hyped up the crowd as they performed electrifying and fiery production numbers with the theme of LOVE and EQUALITY.

Cliché as it seemed but the show must go on as MNL48 Gabb revealed to what really happened during her performance, “The concert went really great and successful because everyone enjoyed and as I looked to my twitter account, sobrang dami po ang nag-tweet na best team po ang team L kasi ang ganda ng production and even the setlist of music. Then, about po doon sa specific na song, we never expected po na sobrang ikli lang po ng oras para makapag-change costume tapos nung isu-suot ko na po ‘yung sapatos, meron po palang socks sa loob pero sinuot ko pa din po tapos yun po, lumipad po ‘yung shoes ko habang sumasayaw but the show must go on po kaya ayun, show must go on kahit walang sapatos” and she laughed so hard to that unexpected incident but no doubt that the fans really enjoyed every single thing that happened during the performance.

Aside from that, MNL48 Frances’ hard work and patience really paid off as she performed her successful first ever concert as official member of MNL48 alongside with Team L, “Grabe sobrang saya and sobrang sarap po sa pakiramdam dahil ‘yung self practice ko po every night napunta po sa napaka-gandang resulta, and sobrang thankful ko din po sa lahat kasi ito na ‘yung dream ko!”.

Continuing the solid and amazing night of Team L, the idol group performed their classic hit ‘Manila 48’, ‘Aitakatta – Gustong Makita’ ‘Pag-ibig Fortune Cookie’ and more. Everyone was on their feet dancing, singing and screaming as they were living the best night of their lives together with their oshis and the whole, MNL48.

Team L showed us how to close an unforgettable concert as they performed their hit ‘talutot ng Sakura’ in the most unexpected acoustic version of it with full of heart and full of passion. Indeed, the concert was undeniably MNL48's one the of bests that ever happened.

Don’t worry because MNL48 has more up on their sleeves so catch them on their October Seitansai together with the ‘Ikaw Ang Melody’ Handshake Event – Day 3 on October 26, 2019 at The Circle Events Place, Quezon City.

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“ICYMI: I See Me - An MNL48 First Generation Documentary”: The truth untold about MNL48’s idol journey

by MNL48 Philippines

The theatre rang with wild cheers and applauses after the screen faded to black as another milestone marked MNL48’s idol journey, just as told during the premiere of “ICYMI: I See Me – An MNL48 First Generation Documentary”, an official entry for the QCinema International Film Festival 2019, last October 21, 2019 at Cine Adarna, University of the Philippines.

The one-hour documentary film, which was presented by Hallohallo Entertainment Inc., directed by Carlo Francisco Manatad, produced by Bam Manlongat and Mikee Dela Cruz and headlined with Mr. Paulo Kurosawa as the Executive Producer under Plan C Productions, revolves around MNL48’s journey as a start-up idol group that tries to fit into a setting that is unfamiliar of Japan’s idol group AKB48 from which MNL48 took inspiration and followed the concept of “Idols you can meet”.

As “ICYMI: I See Me – An MNL48 First Generation Documentary” delved deeper into the group’s lives away from the stage and how this idol path changed their lives – through victories, downfalls, insecurities and strengthening their bond as one entity – MNL48 First Generation Center Sheki made her realize how far they have already reached since their debut two years ago, “Sobrang nag-reminisce kami ng mga nagawa namin dati sa’ka dati feeling namin, wala nangyayari sa MNL48, parang wala naman kaming naaachieve pero narealize naming na ang layo na pala ng narating ng girls – eto ‘yung evidence na ang dami naming nagawa in two years. Nakakataba ng puso na ang daming taong sumuporta at nanood dito at maraming salamat din sa productions team, HHE at Plan C para sa documentary na ito.”

After the screening, the floor was opened for a question and answer segment where viewers were given the chance to ask the directors, producers and MNL48 their insights about the documentary film, including a question of how the girls feel upon seeing their journey so far through the big screen, to which MNL48 Faith responded with, “Personally, I feel afraid to revisit the feelings and the emotions I felt back because being an idol was never an easy task, pero all throughout the movie naisip ko na, no, I should not be afraid, I should continue facing my fears kasi in the end courage is not the absence of fear but facing your own fears and the ability to overcome it.”

Asked about why the film focused more on the girls outside Senbatsu, director Carlo Francisco Manatad said, “I think the documentary also wanted to focus on the lesser known members. Of course we already have the Senbastu na we’ve discussed sa docu and we have these other talented ladies na hindi rin nabibigyan ng pansin, so that’s what the docu is all about. Nagfocus kami do’n and even with the interviews kung mapapansin mo either yung mga natanggal or yung mga hindi rin napupunta sa front line so I think we just wanted to balance yung activities ng Senbastu but also yung feelings of the other girls na hindi nakakapunta do’n.”

“Kung makikita niyo naman kaya perspective din ng girls yung pinili namin kasi syempre yung usual, lalo na yung fans, yung nakikita nila is ‘yung perspective nila na girls as an idol so ngayon kaya yun yung pinili naming kasi gusto naming i-humanize yung girls na at the end of the day, anak sila, kapatid sila, pumapasok sila sa school – mga ordinaryong tao rin sila,” producer Bam Manlongat added. Carlo also explained the definition behind its title “ICYMI” which stands for “In case you missed it”, “Parang andito sila matagal na pero baka na-miss niyo lang.”

MNL48 also had the chance to cap off the screening with a high touch event with fans – a way where they can show their appreciation for their unending support since their onset up until today that they are already gaining recognition in the Philippines.

Catch MNL48 in the much awaited October Seitansai and “Ikaw Ang Melody” Handshake Event Day 3 on October 26, 2019 at The Circle Events Place, Quezon City. Stay tuned on MNL48’s official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, website and MNL48 Fan Club App for more updates.

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MNL48 premieres ‘Gingham Check’ Music Video

by MNL48 Philippines

After the successful release of MNL48’s 4th single ‘Ikaw Ang Melody’ music video last July, the idol group followed it up as they drop their newest music video of ‘Gingham Check’ featuring the MNL48 Under Girls today, October 15, 2019 on their official Youtube page.

Featuring Cess, Brei, Ruth, Lara, Kay, Belle, Amy, Joyce, Tin, Alyssa, Yssa, Mari, Miho, Dian, Emz and MNL48 Under Girls center Coleen, ‘Gingham Check’ is a coupling song of the group’s 4th single album that was released last July 25 and is the tagalized version with the same title of the 27th major single of MNL48’s sister group, AKB48 that was released in 2015.

Before the release, fans were surprised as MNL48 dropped the teaser of Gingham Check’s official music video, wearing their newest costume that highlighted the members’ cute and bubbly personality as well as the fun energy of the song on Wednesday, October 2, on the group’s official Yotube page and social media pages.

‘Gingham Check’ is full of creative effects and aesthetic visuals as the director, Zeph Burgos, shared the whole concept of the music video, “Ang concept ng music video was based sa lyrics itself pero binali naming, which is to be funny and cute, because ang concept ay naughty and nice, which leads to comparison of sorts and decisions, sa pag-pili ng anumang bagay, the moral story of this music video is you always have choices, you just have to make the good choice for your well-being.”

He also added the big difference of ‘Gingham Check’ from the previous music videos, “Tinapangan ang atake ngayon dahil we shot 75% of the music video using green screen ‘chroma’ integrated with visual effects so medyo bold move ‘to para naman ma-appreciate ng fans ang music video and malaman nila na may kakayanan ang MNL48 na gumawa ng gantong music video.”

As the center of MNL48 Under Girls, MNL48 Coleen, expressed her over-all experience with ‘Gingham Check’ music video, “Nanibago po ako kasi ngayon lang po kami na malaki ‘yung percentage na puro green screen yung shoot, sobrang nakaka-pagod pero sana po sa dulo maging worth it talaga lahat kasi binigay namin ‘yung best dito. Ang daming change-costume then madaming set ng sayaw so, kailangan ibigay pa din ‘yung best and we hope na magustuhan ng Mnloves ‘yung ibibigay namin.“

She really can’t contain her excitement as she added, “Very excited po ako kasi maganda ‘yung concept and as a center, ako po ‘yung nasa gitna nila dahil sa music video concept po may hatian na magaganap, may rebel girls and may nice girls, then ayon, ako po ‘yung nasa gitna so sana maging maganda kalabasan ng music video. Ito rin po ‘yung music video na sobrang daming change costumes.”

Dreams do really come true as MNL48 Cess was enthused on her MNL48 journey, “Sobrang saya po kasi first music video ko po ito and last time po nasa last rank ako then dati pina-pangarap ko lang n asana makasama ako sa MNL48 music video and sana maka-punta ako sa ibang bansa and ayon nga po nakasama ako sa Japan then ito music video, unti-unti na pong natutupad mga pangarap ko po kaya sobrang saya po. Gagawin po ‘yung best ko para mas matupad ko pa po lahat-lahat.”

Watch ‘Gingham Check’ music video here:

Aside from the teaser and music video of ‘Gingham Check’ that will show the different side of MNL48, they also treated fans as they released the new set of MNL48’s Under Girls photo cards last October 3, 2019 that can be ordered through MNL48 online store here:

Meanwhile, MNL48 Team L is set to conquer the stage for their first ever team concert ‘No To Oshi Hen’ on October 20, 2019 at Tiu Theatre, Makati City. Plus, catch MNL48 at the special screening ICYMI: I See Me - An MNL48 First Generation Documentary on October 21, Monday, 7PM at Cine Adarna, UP Diliman.

For more updates and latest happenings follow MNL48's official social media pages and website, and download the MNL48 Fan Club App available on Google Play Store and App Store to get more information.

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MNL48 Team NIV takes over second leg of ‘No To Oshi Hen’ Team Concert at Movie Stars Café

by MNL48 Philippines

It was MNL48 Team NIV’s time to shine as they continued their first ever “No To Oshi Hen” Team Concert last October 13, 2019 at Movie Stars Café with a powerful set of performances that is surely one for the books, not only for the fans but also to the girls themselves.

MNL48 Aly, Abby, Jem, Rowee, Coleen, Brei, Ruth, Lara, Belle, Joyce, Alyssa, Miho, Ecka, Dani, Jaydee and Daryll of Team NIV started strong as they opened the second part of MNL48’s three-part concert series with their hit tracks “1!2!3!4! Yoroshiku”, “Bingo!”, and “Tara Party”.

Highlighting their team’s motto “Unity in variety,” Team NIV carried out an around-the-world themed performance where they sang and danced famous pop songs to represent different countries, as if taking their fans from country-to-country.

The event was even more amped up with special performances from each members of the Team NIV, from a showcase of their dancing skills using poi and baton to rapping various songs, proving that they always give their hundred percent best in every stage appearance they do.

Team NIV went all out by projecting a short Goin’ Bulilit skit where they reenacted kids auditioning for the program, showing that their group also possesses great acting skills. The concert concluded by showing off their vocal talents in their acoustic versions of MNL48’s singles “365 Araw ng Eroplanong Papel” and “Ikaw Ang Melody” and a lively performance of “Palusot Ko’y Maybe” and “Manila48”.

MNL48 Team NIV Captain Ecka shared her favorite moments during the group’s concert, “Super happy ako kasi nagustuhan ng fans ‘yung nakita nilang variety show naming. Akala nila katatawanan lang pero meron kaming advocacy which is accepting our true selves. Iba-iba man kami ng personalities, ‘pag pinagcombine mo maganda ‘yung kinakalabasan.”

The event also allowed fans to high-five not only their oshis but every Team NIV member in their high-touch segment. Fellow MNLoves Genn Rey Alao said that he enjoyed the concert, especially his oshi Coleen’s performance, “Maganda ‘yung flow ng event and nag-enjoy ako. Sa tingin ko flawless ‘yung performance nila kasi pinaghandaan talaga nila. Nag-improve rin sila lalo and halatang nag-enjoy sila at the same time kasi sobrang ganda ng pinakita po nila.”

Meanwhile, MNL48 Teams MII and L opened the Himig Handog Hits in ASAP last October 13 whereas “Ikaw Ang Melody” Senbatsu Sela, Sheki, Jamie, Alice, Rans, Faith, Jan, Gabb, Kyla, Grace and Thea exclusively performed their very own “Manila48” during the iWANT ASAP held on the same day as well.

For the final series of “No To Oshi Hen” Team Concert, Team L will take on the center stage on October 20, 2019 for a performance that MNLoves will surely treasure. Details about the venue will be released soon on MNL48’s social media pages, website and app so check them out now to keep you posted.


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Team MII kicks off MNL48 three-part team concert series

by MNL48 Philippines

As MNL48 continues to blossom with successful projects this year, the Philippine idol group is yet again set to mark another milestone in their career as they carry on giving their beloved fans new and special moments to remember. Their first ever team concert titled “No to Oshihen” was recently held last 6th of October 2019 at Movie Stars Café, with Team MII opening the said concert series.

Team MII – Sheki, Jamie, Alice, Rans, Faith, Jan, Emz, Yzabel, Dana, Laney, Klaire, Cole, Shaira, Andi, and Princess – killed the stage with their groundbreaking performances and showcased their talents and uniqueness as a team that made the fans shout in excitement and cry with pride.

The team sang Bohemian Rhapsody in a cappella, which was an achievement for them for singing it very well, considering that they only had two voice trainings for that song. They also performed You Can't Stop the Beat and Last Dance, with Alice and Sheki as the leads, both of them glad when their coaches and fellow members were pleased with their performance.

The crowd went wild when exceptional song-and-dance numbers from the team happened right before their eyes. Fans never fail to show their support as they sang along with the team when they performed their chart-topping singles and coupling songs.

As they promised to give the fans something brand new in this team concert, Sheki, Alice, Rans, also known as the ‘Tatlog’, serenaded the crowd with their a cappella version of Talulot ng Sakura in which fans were totally filled with awe and admiration.

MNL48 Team MII Captain Alice expressed that she was super relieved after the event. “Ang dami po ng pinagdaanan namin, pero nandito pa kami ngayon, natapos po namin ng masaya kasi nagtulungan po talaga lahat.” She also added “Iba po yung feeling. Ang nasa utak po namin may bago po silang makikita samin,” when asked how the team concert is different from other shows they've had before.

For them, adaptability is one unique quality that the team has and is proud of. “Mabilis pumick-up ang Team MII,” Sheki said. Rans said the team's motto is ‘Fall seven times, stand up eight.’ in which Alice agrees by saying, “Ganyan po kami, kahit ilang beses po kaming daanan ng bagyo o sunog.” For Sheki, her overall experience with the team concert was very unique; she experienced mixed emotions in every performance.

The Tatlog (Sheki, Alice, Rans) shared that they would want more team concerts in the future, and that this concert served as a stepping stone for them once their theatre opens. “I'm sure ready na kami,” Sheki expressed. The trio also mentioned that fans can expect more from them in their upcoming performances as a team. As team captain Alice describes Team MII, “Ang daming talent na kayang i-offer. Like band, musically-inclined ang mga girls. Ang daming magagaling sumayaw, magagaling kumanta. Variety. All in one.”

A supportive fan of MNL48, Kojim, remarked that the concert was awesome. “The girls gave their all, their efforts and everything, and it shows - it pays off talaga. Nakikita mo yung mga naging growth nila sa concert na 'to tsaka yung mga performances nila talagang nag-level up.” She stated that she had fun and would want more of team concerts like this in the future. “Dito sila mag-go-grow, dito nila magagawa yung mga bagay na gusto nilang gawin tsaka ma-so-showcase nila yung mga talent nila.”

“Masaya po, first time ko lang pumunta ng event actually. Super nice, ang ganda nila, and na-enjoy ko po,” another fan commented.

Meanwhile, Team NIV will be having their team concert on October 13 and Team L on October 20. The venue is to be announced soon so make sure to follow MNL48’s official social media accounts for more information and event guidelines. Visit the official website and download the app to be in the loop and get the latest updates.


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Official Statement: MNL48 Kenkyuusei members Mela, Essel and Jean to exit idol group

by MNL48 Philippines

Hallohallo Entertainment Inc. (HHE) would like to formally announce the departure of Kenkyuusei members Mela, Essel and Jean from MNL48 due to personal reasons that each member hopes their fans would understand.

HHE wholeheartedly accepts and respects their decision and sincerely wishes them the best in all their future endeavors. We hope that they will take with them all the learning, experiences, and memories they shared with the group and the management as they embark on a new journey.

HHE and MNL48 would like to take this opportunity to thank fans for their continued support especially now that the group will be preparing for more exciting projects that the fans will surely be proud of.

Thank you.


#MNL48 Announcement

by MNL48 Philippines

HalloHallo Entertainment (HHE) would like to apologize for the inconvenience of the cancellation of MNL48 Team Concert: No To Oshi Hen on October 6, 13, 20 at Star Theater due to an unfortunate event that happened.

The management has decided to change the concert venue to a different place but still give the fans the dates that we promised.

MNL48 Team MII Concert will move to Movie Stars Cafe (MSC) on October 6, 2019 at 2:00PM. While venues on October 13 (Team NIV) & 20 (Team L) will be announced soon.

Although the venue is not the one that we initially planned, we still want to give the fans the MNL48 Concert experience especially to those who took their time to make these dates available for them to attend to this special event.

Gold Ticket holders will still get an exclusive Hi-touch and a special package from us. In addition to that, you’ll also get a one (1) 2-Shot Ticket for the first-ever MNL48 2-Shot Event that will happen on December 2019.

All tickets sold for October 6, 13, and 20 Event via SM Tickets will still be valid. Just present your ticket/s at the venue. For those who wished to avail tickets, it’ll still be available at the venue.

***In case you cannot attend at the adjusted time given, we can still do a refund of your ticket/s.

Again, we would like to sincerely apologize for the sudden change. Rest assured that you’ll still get the same quality of each team concert.

We look forward to seeing everyone soon.


MNL48 to take fans behind the scene with “ICYMI: I See Me - The MNL48 First Generation Documentary”

by MNL48 Philippines

After a year since their debut, four successful chart-topping singles, local and international concerts and shows, gold and platinum music awards and recognitions, MNL48 is indeed slowly making their way to Philippines’ pop culture scene with their unique idol concept following the system of their international sister group and the biggest idol group in Japan, ABK48.

With their remarkable achievements within a short period of time, the group is showing no signs of slowing down as they will take their fans, this time, exclusively behind the scenes on their latest project called “ICYMI: I See Me - An MNL48 First Generation Documentary” to be released on October 21, 2019, 7 PM on a special screening at UP Cine Adarna as part of this year’s QCinema International Film Festival (QCinema), the official film festival of Quezon City.

The full-length documentary will take the audience on an in-depth look at MNL48’s journey as an idol group in the Philippines that will feature interweaving clips of live performances from their previous events, behind-the-scene segments, as well as heartfelt interviews with the members about their triumphs, their transformation from being an ordinary girl to an idol member, their thoughts, struggles and more.

Presented by Hallohallo Entertainment Inc. (HHE), ICYMI: I See Me - An MNL48 First Generation Documentary (shorthand for “in case you missed it”) was directed by Carlo Francisco Manatad of Plan C Production, who worked with the group for their “Palusot ko’y Maybe” and “365 Araw ng Eroplanong Papel” music videos, and produced by Bam Manlongat and Mikee Dela Cruz with Executive Producer Mr. Paulo Kurosawa, HHE president.

“We tried to deviate from what is expected of the girls and even in terms of the form/flow etc of the documentary, but without losing its core essence which is the human side of idols and how the members come of age as they function as idols and as themselves” said Director Carlo Manatad, after working with the group for nine months for their first documentary.

So, how is it like to work with MNL48 for this project? Carlo quipped, “Amazing and unexpected! We came in to do the project with little expectation and pre conceived notions of how they are. But the more we got to know the girls, the more na natin silang kinikilala at nakikilala the more we see and realize that we are all the same; our struggles, anxieties, and joy. And at the end of the day we see ourselves in each other.”

As to what their fans should look forward to in the documentary, MNL48 Sela narrowed it down to raw emotions and never-before-seen footage of the group. “Our fans should absolutely look forward to the heartwarming stories of each girl, breakdowns and compiled happy memories in this documentary. This is going to be gold, watch out!”

“Sa lahat ng mga mangyayari sa MNL48, ito yung isa sa pinaka-inaabangan ko talaga and I’m very excited na po na mapanood yung documentary film,” said MNL48 Sheki, who is equally nervous and excited to share another side of the group that fans don’t usually get to see when they are on stage and performing. “Happy ako and nervous at the same time kasi dito talaga malalaman at mapapanood ng mga tao and fans kung ano ang MNL48 sa loob at dito makikita yung deeper na pagkatao namin, kaya curious din kami sa magiging reaksyon ng lahat.”

Meanwhile, ticket prices for the special screening of ICYMI: I See Me - An MNL48 First Generation Documentary will be announced soon, so make sure to subscribe and follow MNL48’s social media accounts, visit the group’s official website, and download the MNL48 Fan Club app available on Google Play Store and App Store for updates and other announcements.

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